Whenever you are considering transporting a vehicle to and from the US and Canada, the #1 name in cross-border auto transport is US 2 Canada. We offer a comprehensive line of auto transport services and can ship boats, motorcycles, RV’s and trucks in addition to your vehicles. You have 2 choices when it comes to shipping your vehicle, enclosed or open-air carriers, both of which are fully bonded and insured. Furthermore, our company deals with customs agents every day of the week so we are well aware of the logistics and paperwork that is involved.

Although Canada and the US have a good relationship and are both NAFTA members, there is still much to deal with when transporting vehicles across the international border. Just as the US has its own rules and regulations about importing vehicles into the country, so too does Canada. So if you are planning on shipping a vehicle from the US to Canada or vice versa, it pays to not only understand what you are up against, you want to hire a company that is very knowledgeable of the process and can ensure that everything proceeds smoothly.

US 2 Canada specializes is a wide range of vehicle shipping services such as giving a vehicle as a gift, government transfers, purchasing a vehicle in the US and shipping it to Canada or vice versa, and relocating both to and from both countries. Our knowledgeable and professional staff members specialize in the transport of automobiles boats, motorcycles, RV’s, and trucks. We can also provide specialized customs information to our customers in addition to our full line of auto transportation services. We can help you clear customs and ensure that your vehicle arrives in the same condition as when we picked it up.

Whether you need to ship your vehicle from Canada into the US or the US into Canada, US 2 Canada is the company to consider. Our company has been providing vehicle transport services to customers in Canada and the US for a long time. Whether you want to ship your vehicle economically in one of our open-air carriers or protect your high-end classic in one of our enclosed carriers, US 2 Canada has you covered. Please contact us for further information if needed.

Shipping Car to USA from Canada

With years of experience in helping customers’ clear US customs and helping you transport your vehicle into USA, we can be of assistance. From emission checks to completing the documentation, picking and vehicle delivery, we are with you at every step. Some of the reasons why cars need to be transported to USA from Canada:

• Taking your car on a vacation

• Sending a car as a gift or on a personal move to USA

• Ship car on a work visa/immigration requirements

Shipping Car to Canada from USA

In case you need to ship a car to Canada from U.S., we can help you at every step, ensuring that the documentation is complete and Canadian customs are cleared. Though there are numerous reasons why you might need the car imported to Canada from U.S., some of the reasons include:

• Canadian residents/permanent residents moving to U.S with a Canada registered vehicle

• Sending car to USA

• Canadian vehicle on lease being returned to Canada

“I recently moved from Edmonton, Alberta to Boston, Massachusetts for a research fellowship at Harvard Medical School and didn’t want to hassle with moving my vehicle so I choice US 2 Canada to tackle the job for me. As it turns out, their expertise, professionalism, and reliability convinced me that I should use them again when I return home to Edmonton once the research fellowship has concluded. For me, it was a blessing not having to deal with all the paperwork that they bombard you with at customs. The individuals that assisted me with my move were extremely helpful at educating me about what all was involved.”

Erica Stevens
Erica StevensUS Customer

“When my wife and I relocated from Dallas, Texas to Victoria, British Columbia, we didn’t want the headaches and stress that comes from dealing with customs at the international border. Plus, we didn’t want to get strapped with the high fees that custom brokerages charge. So we decided to give US 2 Canada a try. Not only did the pickup and deliver our vehicle within the allotted time frame, our vehicle arrived in pristine condition. Most importantly, we saved money over every other company we considered hiring and it was a significant amount.”

Carlos Bustamonte
Carlos BustamonteUS Customer

“My company recently opened a satellite location of our California-based operation in Toronto, Ontario. To say the least, I was a bit concerned about this relocation. It wasn’t so much the issue of moving north of the border, it was the stress of getting my vehicle from California to Ontario Province that I was concerned about. And then I was fortunate enough to be referred to US 2 Canada. Although I had other issues to worry about with this long distance relocation, I never worried about my vehicle. They kept in touch with me every step of the way and were very accurate with their delivery time estimates. Plus, they were extremely knowledgeable and professional that the border crossing went flawlessly as planned.”

Sara & Steve Tremblay
Sara & Steve TremblayCanadian Customer