About an Auto Transport Company’s Insurance Coverage

Insurance CoverageOne of the greatest things about the auto transport services you get through a reputable transport company, is the insurance coverage they have for the vehicles in their care. When you need to ship a vehicle through transport services, your personal car insurance policy won’t cover the automobile during the shipping process. This is why auto transport companies are required to carry their own insurance policy so they can make sure that the vehicle is protected if it happens to get damaged during the shipping process.


Prior to your vehicle’s transport, there is something you can do to help determine whether or not your vehicle suffered any harm while it was in transport. By writing down or taking photographs of the damages already existing on the vehicle, you will have proof of your vehicle’s condition prior to transport. Use the notes you took or look at the photographs for reference when you go to inspect the vehicle after it has been transported. If you notice any scratches, dents, paint chips or other visible damage that must’ve been accumulated during the transport, tell the driver of the hauler. They have reports in their truck that they must fill out and have you sign. Once this is done, wait upon the auto transport company to give you a call. They will tell you exactly how to go about filling out a claim.


The shipping method you choose to transport the vehicle with will not make a difference to the insurance policy. Your vehicle will be covered with any kind of transport. The type of vehicle doesn’t matter either. You can transport anything from an RV to an ATV and rest assured it is covered.




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