An Explanation of Terminal to Terminal Services

001Auto transport companies offer a variety of different services. It’s up to your discretion which ones you choose, but always be mindful of your budget. Some services are costlier than others due to the level of convenience they offer the customer. Not all companies offer the same services, but many of them will have terminal to terminal delivery and pickup.


While door to door services are usually a little more convenient, terminal to terminal services are less costly and still more efficient than not getting auto transport services at all. When you go with the terminal to terminal services, you will be required to bring the automobile to the terminal location specified by the auto transport company. Usually these terminals are nearby.


Make sure the vehicle is prepared as specified by the auto transport company. It should be clean, free of anything that doesn’t belong in it, and the alarm should be disabled. If there is anything else that must be done, make sure it is finished by the time you get the vehicle to the terminal. When you arrive at the terminal, the vehicle will be secured to a hauler. Give a set of keys to the driver before you take off.


The vehicle will then be en route to another terminal close by. As the driver nears the terminal, they will contact you or the person who will be coming to pick up the vehicle. When the vehicle is picked up at the terminal, make sure it is inspected for damages. If you see anything that wasn’t there originally, make sure you mention it. The driver will fill out a report so that you can file an insurance claim.

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