An Explanation of Terminal to Terminal Services

001Auto transport companies offer a variety of different services. It’s up to your discretion which ones you choose, but always be mindful of your budget. Some services are costlier than others due to the level of convenience they offer the customer. Not all companies offer the same services, but many of them will have terminal to terminal delivery and pickup.


While door to door services are usually a little more convenient, terminal to terminal services are less costly and still more efficient than not getting auto transport services at all. When you go with the terminal to terminal services, you will be required to bring the automobile to the terminal location specified by the auto transport company. Usually these terminals are nearby.


Make sure the vehicle is prepared as specified by the auto transport company. It should be clean, free of anything that doesn’t belong in it, and the alarm should be disabled. If there is anything else that must be done, make sure it is finished by the time you get the vehicle to the terminal. When you arrive at the terminal, the vehicle will be secured to a hauler. Give a set of keys to the driver before you take off.


The vehicle will then be en route to another terminal close by. As the driver nears the terminal, they will contact you or the person who will be coming to pick up the vehicle. When the vehicle is picked up at the terminal, make sure it is inspected for damages. If you see anything that wasn’t there originally, make sure you mention it. The driver will fill out a report so that you can file an insurance claim.

The Convenience of Door to Door Services

011When you look around for auto transport companies, you will need to consider your budget as well as the services that interest you. While you are looking over the services offered by the prospective companies, you will notice that there are many optional services and features. Some of these could be greatly beneficial to you and your vehicle. For example, door to door services are always a wonderful optional service to take advantage of.


When you get door to door services, the auto transport company comes to your door to retrieve the vehicle. Make sure the vehicle is prepared as suggested by the auto transport company. The driver of the car hauler will carefully secure the automobile to the trailer or inside of the container. They will give you their contact information so that you can reach them while they’re on the road if you need to.


The driver will bring the automobile to whatever address you specified. Their goal is to get it there safely without any damages or harm caused to it. When it arrives at its destination, make sure that it is inspected in case there are any minor damages that you would like to have repaired through the auto transport company’s insurance policy. It is also suggested that you take the vehicle in for maintenance and an inspection by a mechanic.


Not all auto transport companies offer door to door services. Some of them will only have terminal to terminal and while this is still a great service, door to door is much more convenient.

Why Is It Best to Have a Motorcycle Transported Professionally?

Motorcycle TransportThere are a lot of reasons that motorcyclists take advantage of auto transport services. Every day there are dealerships, motorcycle owners, and those selling, buying or trading motorcycles that use these services. Some try to conduct the transport on their own, but this is rarely ever wise. It takes a lot of time out of your schedule and can even cost you more when all is said and done.


When you hire professionals to care for the motorcycle’s transport, you can assure that it is being cared for properly. They will make sure that the motorcycle is safely taken to wherever it is being sent without any harm being caused to it. They have all of the proper equipment and training to securely care for its transport.


Other than making the phone call, there isn’t much else you will need to other than preparing the bike for its travels.


  • Make sure the fuel tank is less than 1/4 full.
  • Clean the bike of dirt and debris.
  • Remove any unnecessary items such as saddlebags.
  • If requested, remove handlebars.
  • Disable the alarm if there is one.
  • Check all fluids and tire pressure.


All of the preparations will need to be made before the motorcycle takes off for its transport. This assures its safety. In most cases, you will want to purchase the enclosed transport services. This gives the bike further protection from the possibility of bad weather and road conditions. The insurance coverage the auto transport company carries will also serve as added protection.


Are Auto Transport Services Expensive?

TransportAnytime you need to get a vehicle from a nearby location to a far off destination, auto transport services are the answer. Anyone who needs to ship a vehicle usually contacts the auto transport companies in the area. These services are usually very reasonably priced, at least when you contact a well-known and reliable transport company.


Of course, the rate you are quoted is dependent on several things.


  • What services you choose
  • The type of vehicle being transported
  • The distance of travel the vehicle will be making
  • Whether or not you are eligible for any discounts
  • How many vehicles will be shipped at one time


You don’t have to go with every convenient service offered by the auto transport company. Always be mindful of your budget and then make decisions. Nevertheless, it is always wise to make the transport as beneficial and easy on yourself as possible. Door to door services are just one of the services you should definitely consider if you can find it within your means.


What a lot of people don’t understand is that auto transport services can cost less than trying to transport the vehicle on your own or even trying to drive it there. You will want to consider fuel, hotel, food, minor maintenance costs, and other expenses. These could easily add up to more than you would spend in professional transport services. Not only would you be making a wise decision, but you will be able to sit back knowing your vehicle is making it to its destination safely.



About an Auto Transport Company’s Insurance Coverage

Insurance CoverageOne of the greatest things about the auto transport services you get through a reputable transport company, is the insurance coverage they have for the vehicles in their care. When you need to ship a vehicle through transport services, your personal car insurance policy won’t cover the automobile during the shipping process. This is why auto transport companies are required to carry their own insurance policy so they can make sure that the vehicle is protected if it happens to get damaged during the shipping process.


Prior to your vehicle’s transport, there is something you can do to help determine whether or not your vehicle suffered any harm while it was in transport. By writing down or taking photographs of the damages already existing on the vehicle, you will have proof of your vehicle’s condition prior to transport. Use the notes you took or look at the photographs for reference when you go to inspect the vehicle after it has been transported. If you notice any scratches, dents, paint chips or other visible damage that must’ve been accumulated during the transport, tell the driver of the hauler. They have reports in their truck that they must fill out and have you sign. Once this is done, wait upon the auto transport company to give you a call. They will tell you exactly how to go about filling out a claim.


The shipping method you choose to transport the vehicle with will not make a difference to the insurance policy. Your vehicle will be covered with any kind of transport. The type of vehicle doesn’t matter either. You can transport anything from an RV to an ATV and rest assured it is covered.




Can I Transport a Vehicle During the Winter Months?

SnowstormIn most cases, you will be able to find an auto transport company willing to ship your vehicle regardless of the winter weather. The weather rarely stops a transport company from doing business. However, it can slow them down greatly depending on the type of weather. While the cold isn’t as big of an issue, the snow and ice can be horribly detrimental to the condition of the vehicle. Auto transport companies will pay close attention to the weather reports so that they can avoid any possible snowstorm or poor weather situation. They will take alternative routes or even wait out a storm before they chance going any further.


When you call around for auto transport services, expect to receive relatively lower rates than you would get during the summer months. The summer months are the busiest time for auto transport companies since the weather is more favorable. There are advantages to shipping an automobile in the winter. You can benefit from lower rates, possible discounts, and you may even notice that the transport companies have more availability, allowing you to book the exact date you desire for the transport.


The one thing you must consider before booking a date for your vehicle’s transport is the amount of time it typically takes for the vehicle to get from the location it is at now, to the place you are sending it to. Now, take into account that during the winter season, the weather is unpredictable. Snowstorms, ice storms, and high wind chills could potentially put a halt on the shipping process for a few days or force the transport drivers to take an alternative route. While most transport companies can ship a vehicle from coast to coast within less than two weeks, during the winter this time frame could easily become extended.


How to Prepare an Automobile for Transport

Car WashAll auto transport companies may have their own rules and regulations for their services. Even so, they are all relatively similar, if not the same. It is important that those transporting the vehicle prepare it as directed by the transport company. This only assures the vehicle’s safety as well as the safety of the transport drivers and those involved in the transport.


Preparation might be the key factor in a secure transport. It is also the owner or the person conducting the transport’s responsibility to prepare the vehicle as necessary. This isn’t a timely or difficult process.


  • Wash the vehicle to assure there is no debris or dirt on it.
  • Take out anything that didn’t originally come with the automobile such as GPS systems and speakers. Only leave the floor mats, spare tire and car jack.
  • Check all fluids. Leave the gas tank less than 1/4 full.
  • Disable the alarm and sometimes the battery if the auto transport company mentions it.
  • Make sure breaks and lights are all working properly.
  • Write down all damages that the vehicle already suffers from. You can even take pictures if you find visuals more helpful.


By creating a list of damages, you or the responsible party receiving the vehicle at the end of the transport can refer to the list as an inspection is conducted. If you happen to notice any damages that aren’t listed or photographed, tell the driver of the car hauler. They will file a report and have you sign it. This is then turned in to the auto transport company. You should receive a call soon after and they will explain how you can go ahead filing a claim through their insurance company.

How Luxury Vehicles Are Cared For

Luxury VehiclesPeople who own luxury or high-end vehicles customarily use auto transport services to have the vehicle shipped when they’re in the midst of relocation, buying or selling. There doesn’t need to be a surefire reason for the transport, even if you wanted it transported down the road, it can be done. Most people use it when they need to get a vehicle from one location to another location far away. As a matter of fact, the transport of vehicles from Canada to the United States or the United States to Canada is done on a daily basis.


It is highly suggested that as a luxury vehicle owner in need of auto shipping services, takes advantage of enclosed transport. While most people purchase open air transport, this method is best left for other vehicle types. When your vehicle is expensive and of great value to you, enclosed shipping will protect it a little more by keeping it safe from poor weather and bad road conditions.


Most luxury vehicles are very expensive to repair when they suffer from damage. Some of them might depreciate in monetary value extremely with the slightest mistake. It all depends, but regardless, shipping with enclosed services is usually the best possible option. The vehicle will need some preparation before its transport. The auto transport company will inform you of the prep work needed. Usually it consists of checking fluids, disabling the battery and alarm, cleaning the vehicle out, removing all unnecessary items such as GPS systems and DVD players, and leaving the fuel tank less than 1/4 full.


Not only will your vehicle be strapped down securely within the enclosed container, but it will be further protected by the auto transport company’s insurance coverage. This coverage will pay for any damages done to the vehicle while it was in the care of the transport company.

Why Auto Transport Companies Offer Boat Transport

Boat TransportWhen you hear the phrase- auto transport companies, you automatically assume that means the business only caters to automobile shipping. Well, this isn’t entirely true. Many auto transport companies will also transport boats, ATVs, motorcycles, and other not so typical vehicles. When it comes to shipping boats, transport companies are usually very experienced seeing as boats are often transported through their services.


You can’t obviously take a boat across dry land, can you? When boats need to be transported from one location to the next, auto transport services are called upon. Boat transports are a very commonly used service. Boat manufacturers, boat dealerships, and boat buyers and sellers are usually the ones calling to inquire. Luckily, with the need for such shipping services, many auto transport companies have added this to their list of transports they can do.


After you book a transport with a reputable and professional shipping business in the area, start preparing the boat for its travels. All transport companies may have a slightly different list of requirements, but most of them include the same or similar shipping preparation techniques.


  • Clean the boat off and make sure it is completely dry
  • Fasten all sails, windows, hatches and doors
  • Check all fluids
  • Take off all anchors, life jackets, propellers, flagstaffs, and other objects that can be safely stored or removed
  • Disconnect the batteries
  • Tie off the cables
  • All drain plugs should be dry
  • Keep the fuel tank under 1/4 full
  • Make sure the boat is not covered when the transport company arrives


On the day of the transport, the professionals will come to the boat. They will lift or lower it onto a large trailer for the ride to its new home. It will be secured with chains and straps so that it is securely attached to the trailer. The driver will then be on their way to the next location.



Open Air Shipping Versus Enclosed Transport

OAVSETThere are two main forms of auto transport. These include open air shipping and enclosed auto transport. These two services are frequently used. Open air shipping happens to be the most popular of the two options. This is due to its low cost and guarantee for safe transport. Nevertheless, many people prefer enclosed shipping services so they know their vehicle is surrounded by four walls.


Open Air Shipping


Open air shipping is a service that many dealerships and private vehicle owners use. It is the most cost effective method and it provides a safe transport from one location to the next, no matter the distance between locations. Dealerships often use this method so that they can ship multiple vehicles at a time without any concerns. This usually qualifies them for a discount too.


When a vehicle is being transported through open air services, it is attached to a ten vehicle car hauler. This hauler leaves the vehicles open to all elements. This worries some, but the drivers avoid bad weather and road conditions at all costs. Rarely do the vehicles ever suffer from any harm.


If something were to happen during the open air shipping process that caused harm to the vehicle, it should be covered by the transport company’s insurance policy. This coverage will cover any dent, scratch or more severe damage that was caused at the time of the automobile’s shipping process.


Enclosed Transport


Enclosed shipping services are often used for specific types of vehicles. Even so, if your vehicle will fit inside an enclosed container, it is up to your discretion whether or not you purchase this service over open air shipping. Enclosed transport services tend to cost a little more than open air shipping considering the extra protection and lack of space to transport other vehicles at the same time.


Types of Vehicles Usually Shipped with Enclosed Transport Services


  • High-End and Luxury Vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • Vintage, Classic and Antique Automobiles
  • Sports, Race and Muscle Cars