Can I Transport a Vehicle During the Winter Months?

SnowstormIn most cases, you will be able to find an auto transport company willing to ship your vehicle regardless of the winter weather. The weather rarely stops a transport company from doing business. However, it can slow them down greatly depending on the type of weather. While the cold isn’t as big of an issue, the snow and ice can be horribly detrimental to the condition of the vehicle. Auto transport companies will pay close attention to the weather reports so that they can avoid any possible snowstorm or poor weather situation. They will take alternative routes or even wait out a storm before they chance going any further.


When you call around for auto transport services, expect to receive relatively lower rates than you would get during the summer months. The summer months are the busiest time for auto transport companies since the weather is more favorable. There are advantages to shipping an automobile in the winter. You can benefit from lower rates, possible discounts, and you may even notice that the transport companies have more availability, allowing you to book the exact date you desire for the transport.


The one thing you must consider before booking a date for your vehicle’s transport is the amount of time it typically takes for the vehicle to get from the location it is at now, to the place you are sending it to. Now, take into account that during the winter season, the weather is unpredictable. Snowstorms, ice storms, and high wind chills could potentially put a halt on the shipping process for a few days or force the transport drivers to take an alternative route. While most transport companies can ship a vehicle from coast to coast within less than two weeks, during the winter this time frame could easily become extended.


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