How to Prepare an Automobile for Transport

Car WashAll auto transport companies may have their own rules and regulations for their services. Even so, they are all relatively similar, if not the same. It is important that those transporting the vehicle prepare it as directed by the transport company. This only assures the vehicle’s safety as well as the safety of the transport drivers and those involved in the transport.


Preparation might be the key factor in a secure transport. It is also the owner or the person conducting the transport’s responsibility to prepare the vehicle as necessary. This isn’t a timely or difficult process.


  • Wash the vehicle to assure there is no debris or dirt on it.
  • Take out anything that didn’t originally come with the automobile such as GPS systems and speakers. Only leave the floor mats, spare tire and car jack.
  • Check all fluids. Leave the gas tank less than 1/4 full.
  • Disable the alarm and sometimes the battery if the auto transport company mentions it.
  • Make sure breaks and lights are all working properly.
  • Write down all damages that the vehicle already suffers from. You can even take pictures if you find visuals more helpful.


By creating a list of damages, you or the responsible party receiving the vehicle at the end of the transport can refer to the list as an inspection is conducted. If you happen to notice any damages that aren’t listed or photographed, tell the driver of the car hauler. They will file a report and have you sign it. This is then turned in to the auto transport company. You should receive a call soon after and they will explain how you can go ahead filing a claim through their insurance company.

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