Open Air Shipping Versus Enclosed Transport

OAVSETThere are two main forms of auto transport. These include open air shipping and enclosed auto transport. These two services are frequently used. Open air shipping happens to be the most popular of the two options. This is due to its low cost and guarantee for safe transport. Nevertheless, many people prefer enclosed shipping services so they know their vehicle is surrounded by four walls.


Open Air Shipping


Open air shipping is a service that many dealerships and private vehicle owners use. It is the most cost effective method and it provides a safe transport from one location to the next, no matter the distance between locations. Dealerships often use this method so that they can ship multiple vehicles at a time without any concerns. This usually qualifies them for a discount too.


When a vehicle is being transported through open air services, it is attached to a ten vehicle car hauler. This hauler leaves the vehicles open to all elements. This worries some, but the drivers avoid bad weather and road conditions at all costs. Rarely do the vehicles ever suffer from any harm.


If something were to happen during the open air shipping process that caused harm to the vehicle, it should be covered by the transport company’s insurance policy. This coverage will cover any dent, scratch or more severe damage that was caused at the time of the automobile’s shipping process.


Enclosed Transport


Enclosed shipping services are often used for specific types of vehicles. Even so, if your vehicle will fit inside an enclosed container, it is up to your discretion whether or not you purchase this service over open air shipping. Enclosed transport services tend to cost a little more than open air shipping considering the extra protection and lack of space to transport other vehicles at the same time.


Types of Vehicles Usually Shipped with Enclosed Transport Services


  • High-End and Luxury Vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • Vintage, Classic and Antique Automobiles
  • Sports, Race and Muscle Cars






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