US 2 Canada has been shipping all types of vehicles between the US and Canada since 1983 and currently have a sizeable fleet of professional, reliable, and safety-conscious drivers working for us in both countries. We provide door-to-door shipping, meaning that we will pick up and deliver your vehicle in any Canadian Province or US state. We can also assist you with the purchase of any vehicle over the internet and transport it wherever you live in either country. We will even pick up your vehicle from the dealership where you purchased it. Whether you are moving to USA or Canada on work visa or gifting the vehicle or are moving military base, we will ship the vehicle with ease.

Full-service auto shipping service

As the premier auto transport company operating within Canada and the US, we offer the most comprehensive line of services including:

Enclosed auto transport – this type of auto carrier offers additional protection for your vehicle and is the preferred choice of transport for classic, exotic, and luxury car owners. Individuals who own these high-end, specialty autos want us to use the utmost care and deliver their vehicles in pristine condition.

Open-air auto transport – as the most cost-effective method available for shipping one to 100 units, the majority of our open-air auto carriers can haul 8 to 10 vehicles at a time. We also offer carriers that handle 1 to 4 vehicles for shorter distance transport jobs.

Oversized auto transport – US 2 Canada can easily transport a wide range of oversized units including cargo vans, dually’s, fire trucks, limousines, military vehicles, utility trailers, utility trucks, and vehicles fitted with oversized tires.

Experienced and professional auto transporters

Since our company was established, we have transported over 100s of vehicle across the borders, ensuring that each one is delivered safely to the owners. We have a team of experienced crew that ensures that all paperwork is complete before the vehicle is shipped.

To assist you with the eligibility requirements and the paperwork that is involved, we have got all the information that is needed to ship cars and other vehicles between Canada and USA. Please call us to know more about our custom services and ways we can be of assistance or fill out the easy form to get a FREE quote on your shipping requirements.