Why Auto Transport Companies Offer Boat Transport

Boat TransportWhen you hear the phrase- auto transport companies, you automatically assume that means the business only caters to automobile shipping. Well, this isn’t entirely true. Many auto transport companies will also transport boats, ATVs, motorcycles, and other not so typical vehicles. When it comes to shipping boats, transport companies are usually very experienced seeing as boats are often transported through their services.


You can’t obviously take a boat across dry land, can you? When boats need to be transported from one location to the next, auto transport services are called upon. Boat transports are a very commonly used service. Boat manufacturers, boat dealerships, and boat buyers and sellers are usually the ones calling to inquire. Luckily, with the need for such shipping services, many auto transport companies have added this to their list of transports they can do.


After you book a transport with a reputable and professional shipping business in the area, start preparing the boat for its travels. All transport companies may have a slightly different list of requirements, but most of them include the same or similar shipping preparation techniques.


  • Clean the boat off and make sure it is completely dry
  • Fasten all sails, windows, hatches and doors
  • Check all fluids
  • Take off all anchors, life jackets, propellers, flagstaffs, and other objects that can be safely stored or removed
  • Disconnect the batteries
  • Tie off the cables
  • All drain plugs should be dry
  • Keep the fuel tank under 1/4 full
  • Make sure the boat is not covered when the transport company arrives


On the day of the transport, the professionals will come to the boat. They will lift or lower it onto a large trailer for the ride to its new home. It will be secured with chains and straps so that it is securely attached to the trailer. The driver will then be on their way to the next location.



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