Why Is It Best to Have a Motorcycle Transported Professionally?

Motorcycle TransportThere are a lot of reasons that motorcyclists take advantage of auto transport services. Every day there are dealerships, motorcycle owners, and those selling, buying or trading motorcycles that use these services. Some try to conduct the transport on their own, but this is rarely ever wise. It takes a lot of time out of your schedule and can even cost you more when all is said and done.


When you hire professionals to care for the motorcycle’s transport, you can assure that it is being cared for properly. They will make sure that the motorcycle is safely taken to wherever it is being sent without any harm being caused to it. They have all of the proper equipment and training to securely care for its transport.


Other than making the phone call, there isn’t much else you will need to other than preparing the bike for its travels.


  • Make sure the fuel tank is less than 1/4 full.
  • Clean the bike of dirt and debris.
  • Remove any unnecessary items such as saddlebags.
  • If requested, remove handlebars.
  • Disable the alarm if there is one.
  • Check all fluids and tire pressure.


All of the preparations will need to be made before the motorcycle takes off for its transport. This assures its safety. In most cases, you will want to purchase the enclosed transport services. This gives the bike further protection from the possibility of bad weather and road conditions. The insurance coverage the auto transport company carries will also serve as added protection.


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